Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pizza Sunday: Sloppy Joe Pizza

Tonight we have had a special guest at our Pizza Sunday dinner - Krystle!

Probably a bit silly then that we chose today to try out a pretty strange pizza concept: Sloppy Joe pizza.

I'm not too sure where the idea for a Sloppy Joe pizza came from seeing as I have never even had a sloppy joe in my life. I think it probably came about following us eating chilli dogs at our movie night the other week.

It was very easy to make - I just whipped up a batch of spicy bolognese sauce this morning, using the chillis that Bailey harvested from our greenfly-infested chilli plant!

Other ingredients included in the bolognese were Quorn mince, yellow peppers, onions, mushrooms and passata.

I then made our usual pizza dough for Bailey, while Krystle and I had wholemeal Slimming World pizza bases. Unfortunately, Bailey's pizza base wasn't as good as normal as I had to use gluten-free flour as we had run out of regular.

It wasn't too bad, but it was loads more difficult to roll out and didn't go into a nice circle of elasticky dough like normal, which probably explains why the gluten-free pizzas at Dough Pizza Kitchen look kind of messy around the edges.

I enjoyed our Sloppy Joe Pizza experience and I think we shall be trying it again sometime. Perhaps a Mexican chilli version next time to spice things up a little?

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