Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweet potato burgers with Parsnip chips

Yesterday I made one of our old favourites for dinner: Sweet potato burgers with parsnip chips. Bailey and I used to eat this meal about once a week and had gotten so sick of it that we hadn't had it for ages.

The burger recipe was invented by myself and my dear friend Jocelyn when we were living in Peru last year. Bored of the food on offer in a country whose national dishes include beef heart kebabs and roast guinea pig, we decided to try and make our own veggie burgers.

The sweet potato burger was born as we brainstormed to adapt a mushroom burger we had made earlier in the week. The dish was loved by all our international housemates meat eaters and veggies alike and is, in my opinion, really yum.

The idea to put parsnip chips with it came later during an attempt by Bailey and me to try and eat more healthily, but they do seem to go quite well with the burgers.

Recipe (which if you're reading this Jocelyn has probably evolved over the years I'm sorry! If I've missed out a key ingredient please do let me know) - serves 2:

For the Sweet potato burgers
1 small sweet potato, peeled and chopped
1 small onion, chopped small
1 small red pepper, chopped small
2 sun dried tomatoes, chopped small
1 and a half tablespoons of oats
1 tablespoon spicy madras curry powder
plain flour
salt and pepper

For the Parsnip chips
Some parsnips
Cooking spray
Salt and pepper

Put the sweet potatoes on to boil until soft enough to mash. In the meantime fry the onion, pepper and sun dried tomatoes in some oil from the jar of sun dried tomatoes. Add the curry powder, salt and pepper. Mix the fried stuff and the mashed potatoes. Add the oats and a bit of the flour until the mixture is fairly firm.

Form into two burger shaped patties and fry on both sides until brown.

For the chips, cut the parsnips into chip-esque shapes. Spray them with cooking spray. Whack them in the oven at 200 degrees C until they start turning a bit brown at the edges.

Put the burgers in burger buns and serve with the parsnip chips. Goes well with salad cream but that might just be us being weird?!


  1. Sweet potato burgers! Um, yum! I love sweet potato anything. :)

  2. Thanks for reading Erika! I agree sweet potato is amazing!


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