Monday, March 26, 2012

The Greedy Greek

Mother's Day weekend in Sheffield. What better way to spend the Saturday than taking your ma out for a spot of lunch on Sharrowvale Road?

I have always liked Sharrowvale Road. And I am not just saying this to be trendy but I remember saying to Bailey some years ago that it was going to be "The Next Big Thing" in the Steel City. Turns out I was completely correct! A stroll down it the Saturday before last and I could barely believe my eyes. It felt very much like a Chorlton Saturday lunchtime - cafés packed full of people, local fishmongers and bakery with queues going out of the door and down the street,  vintage shops full of treasures, fancy new cupcake shops, you name it.

We didn't get swept up in all the commotion though. Instead, we paid a visit to one of our old favourites - The Greedy Greek Deli. This is the ace no-frills Greek eatery that me and Bailey always used to order takeaway from when we lived in Sheffield but only "on a special occasion". Our good friends the Coppards are also big fans and I have many a fond memory of chowing down on a Friday night Halloumi Kebab in their living room.

As much as we love the place, mum was the only one of us who had actually eaten in before, so it was very exciting to grace their fine establishment with our presence. I barely had to glance at the menu as I knew what I wanted - a good old Halloumi Kebab - packed full of the stuff as well as loads of salad, houmous, olive paste and tzatziki wrapped up in a perfect fat Greek pitta. Aída, being a lady of taste went for the same thing as me. Winner.

On this occasion however, the Meal Deal caught Bailey and my eyes. For about quid more I could have my kebab with two side dishes. I went for the Butter Beans and Greek Salad. Mum and I loved our wraps, they were definitely up to their usual standard, and we couldn't believe how many pieces of halloumi were in there, it seemed never ending. My butter beans were nice but I was quite unimpressed with my sorry Greek Salad. Wilted lettuce and smushy tomatoes are a massive no-no for me as a salad lover, and there wasn't much feta to speak of either. Still, the kebab made up for it.

Bailey also went for the Meal Deal and chose the Pastitsio which he has been after trying for ages! His sides were the Briami and Greek Lemon Potatoes. Bailey's Pastitsio lived up to expectations and his Briami was soft and delicious too. But I have to give a special mention to those potatoes. Aaaah those potatoes! When I think of the Greedy Greek, it is those darned potatoes that pop into my mind and my mouth begins to water. The softest, lemonyest, most oily potatoes you will ever try, they tick all the boxes. We have tried to make them ourselves many times and have never come anywhere close. Delicious.

A lovely time was had at the Greedy Greek and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a hearty lunch to set you up for a good stroll down Eccy Road. Fine dining it is not, but if you want no-fuss good food then this is the place. Unbelievably cheap at £17 for three meals and three drinks, you can't argue with the prices. The staff are nice too. We saw a sign saying that if you go there at night you can bring your own wine too, I bet it's great for a good knees up!

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