Sunday, December 25, 2011

Edible Christmas Gift Boxes

Evening all! Just a quick post today really to wish all our lovely readers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you've all had a lovely day and are as stuffed full of yummy, lovingly cooked food and indulgent treats as we are today. We are celebrating Christmas in Vienna with my family and have, of course, spent the day cooking.

Keeping with the spirit of the day, I thought I'd just share the Edible Christmas Gift Boxes we gave to our nearest and dearest as presents this year. We really wanted to show our favourite peeps how much they mean to us by putting together a few homemade Christmas treats. Although putting the boxes together and distributing them all got a bit stressful in the week leading up to Christmas, I really enjoyed doing it and letting my hidden crafty side loose for a bit when decorating the jars and bottles.

We will definitely be preparing bigger and better gift boxes next year and maybe some other pressie projects in between!

Included in the boxes were the following treats...

Aji Criollo - a spicy Colombian relish
Blackberry Brandy - made the same way as our Sloe Gin - see below
Roy Morris' Plum Chutney
Sloe Gin - made earlier in the year with sloes bought from Riverside Organic Farm
"Sun blushed" Olives and Tomatoes with Chilli and Oregano
Turrón de Chocolate Crujiente - a traditional Spanish Christmas sweetie

We hope the recipients of the boxes enjoyed them!


  1. Merry Christmas guys, hope you had a wonderful day, and what a fun pair of christmas pyjamas, we always have new pjs at xmas.

  2. Thanks! Quite right too - my mum gave our jamas out on Christmas Eve so we could all wake up in new jamas! Merry Christmas!


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