Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Earth Café

On Sunday, I met up in town with my lovely lady friends Kate and Hannah. Having heard from many sources that Earth Café is a lovely place for lovers of healthy and veggie food to eat, we decided to pay them a visit.

Earth Café is a simple and relaxed cantina-style eatery that according to their website is "run on the basis of Buddhist ethics". As we arrived we were greeted by a friendly member of staff who showed us Earth's limited but mouth-watering selection of hearty dishes on offer including chilli, dhal, soup, burgers and quiche. Everything is veggie and vegan-friendly, locally sourced and freshly prepared - right up my street!

Hannah asked the very good question "How does it work?" and we were told that the day's deal was 4 items from behind the counter for £6 which seemed very reasonable and meant we could all try a little of what we fancied.

Hannah went for the chilli with rice, coleslaw and veggie koftas which was all very yummy and served in generous portions.

Kate had the pumpkin and coconut soup with some amazing looking bread and some fancy healthy pop.

As soon as I saw the gorgeous looking dhal I knew I had to try it, and the koftas had also immediately caught mine and Han's attention. I decided to go for a portion of brown rice as I love it but am always too lazy to make it for myself, and also had a little cucumber, tomato and red onion salad on the side. 

I really enjoyed my lunch and even though it was very no-frills it totally hit the spot for me as it was tasty, filling and healthy so I felt like I'd had a really good home-cooked meal. The koftas were amazing, particularly the gorgeous coconutty sauce on top of them.

As I have mentioned before, particularly in relation to Small World Café I really think there ought to be more places like this in England where you can get an inexpensive, healthy meal in a relaxed environment. I think if we all started to eat in places like Earth Café people would not only be a lot healthier but there would be much less food waste and people would perhaps appreciate the joys of good food made with fresh ingredients that isn't pumped full of a load of crap. If I ate my lunch at Earth Café every day I would also definitely snack less as all those veggies and lovely ingredients filled me right up.

Our only complaint about Earth Café was the staff were a bit on the scatty side. We did have to ask for our teas a couple of times before we got them and actually Kate didn't get her tea at all until we were leaving when she asked for it to go. We didn't really mind though as the staff were just so genuinely lovely.

I enjoyed my dinner so much in fact that I started to feel a bit bad that Bailey had missed out so I bought him a slice of beetroot cake to give him back at home.

Of course, I tried some and... man oh man. That cake was off the hook. Super moist with lovely crunchy little bits of beetroot, loads of flavour the most lovely vegan cream cheese icing.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Earth Café to any veggie, vegan or person with taste buds who wants a yummy, interesting and filling lunch.

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