Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pizza Sunday: Courgette, Mint and Halloumi

For today's pizza I thought we could try a combination I've seen around quite a bit lately - courgette and mint with halloumi. We've been very excited about today's Pizza Sunday as we're loving halloumi as always and thought it all sounded lovely together.

Unfortunately, a few too many rums were consumed last night so I'm afraid we firstly forgot to make Marcus' Best Ever pizza base and secondly were feeling the burn a bit today, so the base was from a just add water wholemeal bread mix. Sorry to our foodie readers but sometimes needs must.

Anyway for the toppings, I roasted off some courgette slices and chopped up some halloumi and mint.

I gave the bases a minute in the oven just on their own to start to crisp up a little. I then spread the base with some simple passata mixed with a few herbs and some salt and pepper. 

I popped the toppings on and baked it on my pizza stone at my oven's maximum temperature for about 10 minutes - a bit longer than usual because of the moisture that came off the halloumi. 

The pizzas turned out really nice. The base wasn't too bad and the cooling mint, fresh courgette and salty halloumi were very nice together. I will definitely be having halloumi on pizzas more often. Great stuff. 

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