Friday, March 30, 2012

March Foodie Penpals

I was really excited to sign up for the brand, spanking new Foodie Penpals this month. What a fabulous idea - you are paired up with a penpal whom you have to send a food-filled parcel to and you in return will receive a parcel from another foodie penpal.

The day Bailey announced that there was a parcel waiting for me at the sorting office was very exciting. We went to collect it that very evening. My parcel came from Nicky of Kobocha Fashionista and was absolutely stuffed full of foodie treats.

Nicky's letter explained that she had made the most of living in London, where loads of unusual stuff is available, and got me a really great selection of extra-special snacky foods including fancy organic chocolate, crumbly cookies, posh cereal bars and raw chocolate brownies.

We immediately opened our packet of Pop Chips and enjoyed them with a glass of orange squash. An amazing idea - crisps that are 'popped' like popcorn! They were really lovely.

We also loved the Cliff Bars - who'd have thought an energy bar could be so full of flavour and texture?!

I'd never had raw chocolate before but my first experience of a Pulsin' Organic Raw Choc Brownie was certainly a good one. Fantastic with a cuppa.

Nicky did brilliantly at finding food we loved and her parcel has brought us so much joy, so thankyou very much Nicky! I still haven't eaten my Organic German Almond Chocolate from Vivani - that one is being saved for a special occasion!

As for my parcel, when I was first paired up with my penpal, Rach of Oh Sugar Cake Company, I was very excited to read all about her cakes, but was also quite nervous. What on earth could I offer to a cake expert such as Rach?

I soon relaxed about the idea and went with the flow. I decided I was going to look at this month's Foodie Penpals as an opportunity to try out some new things I'd never made before. First of all, I made some Cookies in a Jar for Rach to have a bit of a play with in the kitchen, as well as some Lamingtons as I thought they would travel well. Although not quite as beautiful as her baked treats, I tried my best!

Along with the homemade treats, I thought I would send Rach some exciting looking essences for her cake making that I found at Meezan Supermarket on the Curry Mile - coconut, banana and pineapple. I snapped them up as I'd never seen them before but apologies to Rach if they're actually quite ordinary! To see Rach's post about my parcel check out her reveal post.

I am so pleased I signed up to Foodie Penpals and would really recommend it to all you bloggers out there as a really fun and creative thing to do. If you'd like to read about some of the other Foodie Penpal swaps, head over to The Lean Green Bean. I personally am already looking forward to doing it all over again next month!


  1. What lovely parcels they both are. Those flavourings sound very exotic, great find. All the treats you got sound fab; I've tried those popchips, they're weird but nice!

    1. Thanks Carol Anne! Well done for all your hard work on it all, it's excellent!

  2. So glad you liked everything lovie!! The chocolate is sooo good by the way!! :) xxx

    1. Thanks so much! I enjoyed everything so much!


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