Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jeni's Pizzageddon

A couple of Saturdays ago we were super lucky to be invited over to our friends Steve and Jeni's house for what was described as "Pizzageddon". Now Jeni is a lady who is serious about the business of pizza making. At the beginning of the evening she informed us that she would basically working her way through her new River Cottage Veg Everyday book and cooking us all the amazing veggie pizzas. We were treated to a total of SIX pizzas! Now that's what I call Pizzageddon.

Over the course of the night we happily gobbled up the following...

A Pesto and Garlic Flatbread...

...followed by a Beetroot and Cheddar Pizza...

...followed by a Kale and Onion Pizza...

...followed by an Asparagus and Goat's Cheese Pizza...

...followed by a Potato and Rosemary Pizza...

...and finally the evening was rounded off by an Aubergine and Blue Cheese Pizza.

Phew. What an absolute treat. At one point I remember commenting "I am in pizza heaven right now." All of Jeni's pizzas were stunning, the dough was crisp and light and all of the toppings unusual and delicious.

A huge thankyou to Jeni for all her hard work. What a talented pizza maker she is. I hope that we will be invited for another pizza party soon.


  1. They all look amazing! I now have severe pizza envy :)


  2. What a wonderful pizza party. Some great toppings there, and the bases look fab.
    I don't know which one I'd go for as they all look so tasty, I'd have to try a bit of each!

    1. They were all great! I think my fave was the beetroot one!

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