Monday, September 26, 2011

Pizza Sunday: Spinach and Ricotta

Yesterday's Pizza Sunday was a very delicious occasion. We decided to make Spinach and Ricotta pizzas.

Being the greedy fatties that we are, we had a pizza EACH this time and they turned out really big as well because the dough rose more than usual for some unknown reason. Bailey's was so big it barely fit on the pizza stone!

I used the usual recipe for the dough which I am getting pretty nifty at making, even if I say so myself. For the pizza sauce I mixed a bit of passata, salt and chilli flakes to make quite a simple tasting sauce to go with some of the more exiting flavours on the pizza.

I very quickly pan-fried some spinach with a bit of salt for a few minutes and took it off the heat as soon as it started to wilt.

To assemble the pizza I just put the spinach on then put wee blobs of ricotta all over the base and topped it with some mozzarella that I'd previously torn apart.

Our pizzas were really yummy and I loved the thin base and the subtle blend of flavours.

Bailey gave the pizzas 8.5 out of 10 and I agreed that they weren't 100% perfect. Due to the moistness of the ricotta and mozzarella which I hadn't anticipated, the base turned out a lot less crisp than it has done in the past few weeks. Bailey's less health-conscious pizza, which I made to be loads cheesier than mine, must have had a load more moisture floating around on it so was probably a bit on the soggy side.

I think next time I use ricotta blobs and moist mozzarella I will make sure I give the pizza base just a couple of minutes on the pizza stone in the oven before I pop my toppings on.

Stay tuned for next week's Pizza Sunday, when we will be making Sloppy Joe's Pizza! Have we gone mad? Quite possibly!

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