Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Foodies Festival Competition

Good news everyone!  The generous people at Foodies Festival have given us two tickets to give away to their splendid food festival.  I say give away but we don't really like the idea of giveaways so I am afraid you are going to have to do a tiny little bit of work to be in with a chance.  Not too much though...

Foodies Festival is being held at Tatton Park this year on the 17th, 18th and 19th May.  There will be lots going on with demonstrations and more importantly plenty of good nosh to try.  Tatton Park is absolutely beautiful, food festival or not, and one of the most exciting bits of a visit to Tatton is the very likely encounter you will have with a herd of majestic beasts...

Yes deer!  I've never visited Tatton Park and not seen a bucket load of deers and therefore they are the focus of our competition.  To be in with a chance of winning the two tickets we would like for you to create a picture that depicts a deer and send it to us!  We will then choose a winner on the 12th May and get in touch with the winning artist to get their tickets to them.  Now then you don't have to be a professional sketcher to win this prize, we aren't looking for photo realism, we are looking for creativity and the ability to capture the noble heart of this mysterious mammal.  We will accept any type of picture as long as you can send us a digital image so you can just get your crayons out and then take a camera photo of your masterpiece.  The only firm rule is that it has to be an original picture but I know this rule would not be broken as immoral people don't enter arts based competitions.

For those of you who don't win the tickets (or don't own a pencil) you can still get yourself down with the below two for one voucher...

So get tweeting us your pictures!  The winners and losers will all be posted on this blog post for all to see.  Good luck!

RESULTS! Please note, this competition is now closed.
This afternoon we have been delighted to receive some art of the finest quality. Below is possibly the most wonderful display of deer-based art you will ever have the good fortune to see in one place.

Artist: @ThingsToDoinMcr. Bonus points for writing own, rather pleasant caption

Artist: @TesniHaf. Bonus points for professionalism and for capturing the jaunty pose of a happy deer 

Photographer: @JennDuck. Bonus points for close up photo of eye contact with Chestnut Otter & Owl Sanctuary deer 

Artist: @Scallop_Cheeks. Bonus points for use of 100% CGI technology

Artist: @LaraLaRouge. Bonus points for filling our hearts with deer-based joy. Oh and top notch pun

Photographer: @LottieMoore. Bonus points for using picture of actual Tatton Park deer
Unfortunately, while I'm sure you will agree everyone here is a winner, there can only be one recipient of the much coveted tickets to the Foodies Festival. For sheer ingenuity and originality combined with a passion for recycling, the tickets go to the artistic genius that is @Fi3hCake. Enjoy your foodies day out!

This art is a-peel-ing

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