Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baked Egg and Quorn Salad with Yummy Yoghurt Dressing

The other day Bailey and I were planning to have one of our usual 'quick and easy yet yummy' dinners that we always have - Quorn Chicken salad with a veggies and a yoghurty dressing.

However, we had a bit of rocket knocking about, and some eggs so I thought why not make the lip-smackingly awesome sounding Baked Eggs with Yogurt and Chilli from my good old favourite Yotam Ottolenghi book as a delicious starter?

I started whipping up both dishes and it was all going swimmingly well, I had even decided to forgo our usual yoghurt dressing for the Quorn salad (which is basically natural yoghurt mixed with what ever herbs, spices and hot sauces come to my hand when I'm rummaging around in the spice box) in favour of just using the Yotam Ottolenghi one for both.

However, I suddenly realised I had messed up my timings and everything was actually going to be ready at exactly the same time - Eek!

This was when I had an amazing brainwave. Why not just put everything together and eat it all as one scrumptious dish?!

This actually worked amazingly well - the awesome Ottolenghi baked eggs atop a Quorn salad with a really yummy yogurt dip to tie it all together. We loved this and were super happy that now we can have these baked eggs (which by the way are so easy to make) as a main meal.

So, the recipe for all of it is very simple indeed.

Recipe (serves two):

150g rocket
2 eggs
A tub of natural or greek yoghurt
1 garlic clove
Chilli Flakes
6 Sage leaves, chopped up
A bag of yummy salad of your choice
Quorn chicken fillets
2 Peppers, sliced
2 onions, slice

Fry up the peppers and onions in a pan. Alternatively, you could pop them to roast in the oven and actually this would make them loads nicer. I'm going to do that next time! Also put the Quorn fillets in the oven and cook according to the instructions on the packet.

Start to work on the baked eggs dish. Sauté the rocket with some salt until they are wilted, so a few minutes.

Transfer the rocket to a little oven dish, make sure it's all evenly spread over the bottom before making two little wells in the bottom big enough to crack your eggs into.

Once you've cracked the eggs into the gaps in the rocket, bake in the oven at 150 degrees C for about 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, fry the chilli flakes, paprika and salt for a few minutes before adding the sage leaves, only for a short time - a minute or so. Mix this spice mixture into the yoghurt.

Now is time to assemble the dish. Place the salad, onions and peppers on a plate with the Quorn chicken.

Put the baked egg on top of the salad, before adding a spoonful of the yoghurt dressing onto the egg in a fancy pants way.

Bring the rest of the yoghurt dressing to the table with you so you can add more as you work through your salad. Really yummy, fresh and healthy!

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