Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Eggs-ellent Adventure

Last weekend when we were in Suffolk visiting my dear old Nan, my dad took us along on his usual visit to the famous farm shop just north of Beccles where he normally gets his amazing sausages (Bailey's favourites).

It was one of the first glorious days of the year and we were thrilled to arrive at this lovely farm littered with happy looking ducks and geese lounging around in the sun.

Once inside the farm shop I was immediately very excited by their selection of yummy-looking eggs. Having only had duck eggs a few times and remembering how amazing they were the time Bailey and I had boiled duck eggs on Easter Day in St David's in Wales, I knew we had to go for a dozen - a bargain at only £2.50.

It was then that I spotted the amazing massive eggs tucked away in the corner of the little shop. "Wow, what are they?!" I breathed at the owner.

"They are goose eggs. They're great in a cake".

Wow, as Bailey put it, they looked like "something out of Jurrasic Park".

The lady was selling the goose eggs at a quid a pop so Bailey and I snapped up two to eat for our dinner that evening. And the beauty of them? You didn't even need a box - the shells of the goose eggs were that tough that we just bunged them in our bag with the rest of the purchases and they were fine. In  fact, they did actually roll out of the bag and were rolling around the boot of the car for about 3 hours and still survived.

That night when we got home Bailey and I decided to eat our goose eggs under a blanket while watching Sunday night telly.

We had to consult advice on the Internet regarding how long to cook them for and despite differing opinions we decided to leave them on for 9 minutes from boiling.

We had no idea if they were going to be any good though.

Once out of the pan the shells were a nightmare to get off.

At first we thought we had overcooked the goose eggs as the whites seemed very stiff.

But once we broke into the eggs we found delicious, rich and creamy runny yolk.

The goose eggs with soldiers were absolutely amazing, I loved every mouthful. It was also very exciting to deal with such a large egg so that definitely added to my enjoyment. I am now officially a goose egg convert and am going to do everything I can to hunt some more down in the local South Manchester area. If anyone has any leads I would appreciate it!

So what became of the duck eggs then?

Well they were also amazing. I have been using them all week - mainly boiled or to add a certain je ne sais quoi to meals. However the biggest success with the duck eggs has been when making omelettes.

The duck eggs seem to hold together so much better than when you use ordinary eggs - you barely need to tough the omelette to flip it. Duck egg omelettes have a great texture when you eat them and taste absolutely amazing with cheddar cheese melted in.

I definitely think if you can get yourself to a farm shop it is well worth the visit to pick up some alternative eggs. I don't mean any offence to all the hens out there but goose and duck eggs are so much tastier - definitely a treat worth hunting out.

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