Saturday, January 29, 2011

Very Meaty Meatless Mushroom Burger

The other day I decided to make a mushroom burger for our tea as we had absolutely millions of mushrooms in our fridge and I fancied something really yummy.

I cobbled together a few of the ingredients we had, and they literally took minutes to prepare and then I just bunged them in the oven and left them until the rest of the dinner was ready. So I was surprised when these mushroom burgers turned out so yummy and the weirdest thing was that they ended up tasting super meaty. In a good way. They were really lovely and dense and filling too.

Although the burgers were a little difficult to make into patties, once in the oven they were fine and went really crispy on the outside.

With cheese on top and in a wholemeal bun they were the perfect mid-week dinner for us. Of course I made our favourite parsnip chips to go with them which we hadn't had in ages.

Recipe (serves 2):
Around 10 mushrooms, chopped up into little pieces
Loads of soy sauce
28g of oats
1 tbsp plain flour

Preheat the oven to 220 degrees C. Fry the mushrooms, encouraging them to go nice and juicy by sloshing a load of soy sauce into the pan with them. Leave for about five minutes until the mushrooms are softened and there is a fair bit of mushroomy soy liquid in the pan. Transfer the contents of the frying pan to a mixing bowl and slowly stir in the flour then the oats until you have a thick mixture.

Take large tablespoons of the mixture and form them into patties in your hand. Don't worry if they are dead sticky. Put them onto a baking tray or dish and put them in the oven.

When you notice the mixture has dried out a bit and is becoming quite crispy, this is the time to add a load of yummy mature cheddar if you wish. Leave the cheddar to melt in the oven for a bit before getting them out. Put the burgers in a burger bun and serve with home made chips and salad. Delightful!


  1. Nice idea for a meatless dinner, and looks so good. I can already imagine the flavors. Can you use any old mushroom do you think?

  2. Yes I just used ordinary button mushrooms!


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