Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blue Cheese and Broccoli Soup

We've not been having as many soups this year as we should have! This week we decided to remedy that with a delicious piping hot Blue Cheese and Broccoli Soup.

We had some Bavaria Blue cheese knocking about that my auntie had given us, which gave the soup a really lovely creamy texture but that wasn't too strongly flavoured or pongy which meant I was able to take a little tupperware of it to school the next day without attracting too much attention.

The soup is bright green and really attractive looking, especially with a few nice little bits of blue cheese sprinkled on top to serve.

A very easy and tasty soup for a midweek meal or wintery starter.

Recipe (serves 4):

2 shallots
1 large potato
1.5 litres vegetable stock
1 head of broccoli
120g blue cheese

Heat a large pot over a stove. Chop the shallots and add to the pan and fry for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, peel and chop the potato into chunks. Add to the pot and fry gently for a few minutes. Boil your kettle. If the potatoes start to stick, add a drop or two of water to stop them sticking.

Add the stock to the pot and simmer until the potatoes are starting to go soft. Meanwhile, chop the broccoli into florets and add to the pan.

Allow the broccoli to cook for a few minutes until softened before adding 100g of the blue cheese to the pan and removing from the heat.

Take a blender and whizz up the soup, ensuring there are no lumps left anywhere in the soup.

Divide the soup between 4 bowls and crumble the remaining blue cheese into the bowls for decoration and serve!


  1. A lovely classic combo of flavours, and looks like Bailey can't get enough of the delicious aroma.

  2. Haha cheers Marcus, yes I think he got a good noseful!


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