Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sushi Adventures

Last Saturday we were pretty hungover and therefore feeling pretty greedy so we decided to make enough sushi to feed a small army.

We used a basic recipe for Maki rolls like the one posted here by Jeni, except that we added a few extra ingredients to the rice to make it taste extra yummy - a bit of rice vinegar, salt and sugar.

It was very exciting preparing all the fillings to go in our maki rolls as this was the first time we had been able to use the brand new sushi knives that Bailey bought me for my birthday...

We found them to work really well, particularly for removing the skin from salmon and cutting it into neat little pieces.

It was also great for cutting up veggies as the knives were so sharp we could get perfect shapes and sizes for putting in our rolls.

So in our rolls we ended up using salmon, cucumber, prawns, peppers, tuna mayo, crab sticks and sweet omelette. Which is actually LOADS of fillings considering how little you actually need to put into the middle of the maki.

The sweet omelette was really yummy and also dead easy to make - just a mix of beaten eggs, sugar and rice vinegar made really thinly in a hot pan.

Making up the maki rolls was really fun and we had a bit of a production line going where I would roll them up and Bailey would cut them all neatly.

We didn't take into account that, as novices, making sushi actually takes a really long time and we didn't actually get to sit down to our meal until about 10pm by which time we were exhausted...

But this did mean that we wolfed down a bit of sushi before sloping off to bed and then as soon as we got up on Sunday we started on the sushi again, which made writing my year 7 reports a lot more exciting.

Now that we have made sushi twice I am definitely starting to feel a bit more confident with it and want to try something more adventurous. Next time I am going to try and do a few of the reverse maki rolls with sesame seeds on as they are my absolute favourite. It would also be great to get my mitts on some eel to make delicious grilled eel nigiri and also some of those awesome little tofu pouches they use to make those delectable inari sushi things. Yum.

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