Wednesday, April 25, 2012

7x7 Link Award

We were very honoured when Carol Anne of Foodie Penpals fame nominated us for the 7x7 blog award! 

The rules of this award are as follows:
  • Thank the blogger who bestowed this award upon you and link to their blog. Thank you very much Carol Anne – and here is a link to the nomination page so you can check out her other nominees. 
  • List 7 random facts about yourself. 
  • List 7 of your own blog posts for 7 given categories. 
  • Nominate 7 more bloggers. 
Seven random facts about us: 
  1. We once ate three portions of fish and chips in one day in three different chippies on a trip to Northern Ireland.
  2. When you Google Peru's biggest chain roast chicken restaurant - Pardo's Pollo a la Brasa, a photo of Bailey's hand reaching for a chip is the first images result.
  3. Even though I am usually a strict pescatarian, for the last two years I have gobbled down snails on a school trip to France so the kids can't argue that I'm not joining in the snail tasting evening.
  4. Bailey doesn't like peas, but he does like mushy peas. He also doesn't like sweetcorn, but does like corn on the cob.
  5. The first meal Bailey cooked for me was Sausage and Leek Mash. The first meal I ever cooked for Bailey was Vegetarian Lasagna. 
  6. Bailey once almost choked to death on a giant pretzel.
  7. A holiday we dream of going on is a gastronomic tour of Italy.
Our seven post categories:
  1. Most Beautiful: Raspberry and White Chocolate Cake 
  2. Most Helpful: Tex Mex Feast
  3. Most Popular: Onion Bhajis
  4. Most Controversial: EastZEast 
  5. Most Surprisingly Successful: Baked Bean and Sausage Casserole
  6. Most Underrated: Kyotoya
  7. Most Prideworthy: Christmas Dinner in Vienna
Our 7 nominations for the 7×7 link Award:


  1. Aha Congrats on the 7x7 award & thanks Jules for the nomination! Didn't realise you'd already been nominated when I added you to my list of 7... Double bubble!

    1. Haha, well I knew you had been and still nominated you :)


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