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Since I went on that Twitter saying that Phetpailin is ace and that it blows Chaophraya out of the water, I've had quite a few people ask me about what makes it so great. Firstly I'd like to point out that I can't take credit for discovering this little gem; like most good things it was those Manchester Foodies who sniffed it out years ago, and I am so pleased that they did because I LOVE IT. Anyway, without further ado I'm going to share five reasons why I love a visit to Phetpailin and why I think you will too...

Reason 1: There's no messing when it comes to flavour
No, whatever you have to say about the food at Phetpailin, you will never be served anything that could be described as 'bland'. During our visits so far we've had our tongues most tantalised by the Tom Yam soups, both tilapia dishes off the seafood menu (I'm drooling thinking about them) and a red curry so packed with flavour and spice you find yourself exclaiming "Hoochie Mama!" in the middle of a crowded restaurant. The coconut rice is also coconutty enough to blow your entire head clean off.

Reason 2: It's BYOB
People love a good BYOB and in my experience are often willing to put up with slightly more sub-par food if it means being able to bring a bottle. Well, Phetpailin's food is amazing AND you can bring your own which makes it doubly brilliant.

Reason 3: It's a bargain
When compared to overpriced purveyors of "Thai Fine Dining" Chaophraya, the food at Phetpailin is an absolute steal. Yes, in Chaophraya you're paying to eat in considerably more elegant environs, but I'd much sooner go for substance over style, i.e. THE FOOD IS LOADS BETTER. You'll also save a fortune by bringing your own bottle.

Not as swanky as Chaophraya... who cares?
Reason 4: The staff are badass
The staff at Phetpailin are very good. Some of the most helpful and efficient staff I've ever come across in fact - they're great at helping you choose your dishes and have a rare talent of knowing what you want before you even ask for it. However, be warned, they don't take any shit: they were having none of it when my teetotal friend tried to bring her own Tetra Pak of juice in and they had no qualms about kicking us out when we tried to stay past closing time. Strangely, I quite liked them for it...

Reason 5: It's lots of fun
The fact that it's BYOB obviously helps. They've got the atmosphere spot on though - Phetpailin is perfect for a rip-roaring night out or a quiet meal with family.

You can see the giddiness in their eyes
So there you go, my five reasons I think Phetpailin is ace and blows Chaophraya out of the water. The crux of what I'm saying here is that if you haven't already, you really should go and eat at Phetpailin - I'm sure you will love it just as much as I do!

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