Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fuel Café

Last weekend Bailey and I went to meet the gorgeous ladies Hannah and Kate at Fuel Vegetarian Café in Withington for Sunday lunch.

We've been to Fuel a few of times before, mainly though at night for a drink, when Fuel is in more of a "relaxed bar" mode. On arrival we found that the whole of Fuel's downstairs was packed and upstairs was still messy from the night before, but a lovely man came and sorted us out with a table.

We got some drinks in while we looked at the menu - Bailey wanted to try one of the famous Fuel Milkshakes that people are always banging on about, and plumped for a Maltesers one - and it was, as promised, absolutely delicious! Really sweet and creamy - a real treat.

Looking at the menu I was very impressed with the selection and felt that although a lot of the stuff featured on the menu is what you would expect of a veggie café (lots of halloumi, falafel, houmous), there were a few surprises on there and a lot to choose from.

After we ordered the food was quick to come out - for me, Kate and Bailey. But we were a bit disappointed for Hannah that her's took quite a while longer to arrive - I think it was because we ordered separately, but still - I was probably halfway through mine when she got her's. Although she had a really good portion of what were obviously freshly made yummy chips, I would have preferred it if we'd all been able to eat at the same time.

Having said that, we were really pleased with the food as it was really yummy! Bailey was instantly taken by the idea of the "Fish" Finger Sandwich with Chips - the fish having been replaced by yummy fingers of halloumi. He thought it was very clever that the halloumi was very close in texture to real fish fingers and it was a delicious, salty treat for his palate. He also thought the chips were great too.

Kate ordered a Butternut Squash stew which came with loads of houmous and pitta which I thought looked really nice - loads of colourful veggies. It was a massive portion too and Kate said it tasted great with her smoothie.

Hannah's slightly late dinner was a Halloumi and Roasted Veggie Pitta with Chips. She said her fresh chips were really nice and her pitta was gorgeous apart from one stray burnt bit of halloumi that she found!

I ordered a Halloumi Cous Cous Salad which was a massive pile of lettuce, carrot, red onion, cucumber, cous cous and halloumi served with pitta and some yummy sweet chilli sauce. It took me ages to eat as there was absolutely loads and it tasted really fresh, healthy and yummy.

We were really happy with our meal at Fuel and thought it was a really good place to go on a Sunday for great atmosphere and really friendly service - not pretentious at all which I think is sometimes a worry when frequenting vegetarian places. The food was really excellent value with most main meals costing only just over a fiver each and a really nice selection of drinks were on offer. We will definitely be going back there again and would recommend you do too but make sure you order all your table's food at once if you want to eat together! Cheers Fuel folk!

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