Sunday, November 13, 2011


On Friday as we had quite a busy weekend ahead of us, Bailey wanted to take me out for a quiet spot of nosh. I got back from school pretty early and we were both starving but we wanted to go somewhere that would be open early and that was casual enough that I could go without getting changed out of my work clothes as I was feeling pretty lazy. We decided to try out the cute little Japanese café in Withington that we've been eyeing up for months - Kyotoya.

We loved the inside of the relaxed little café - it's full of little Japanese knick-knacks and loads of bright fairy lights which make it really cute, if a little on the red side!

The food looked excellent and everything is super cheap with starters priced between £2.50 and £3.50 and mains from about a fiver. I decided to order a portion of Kimchi while Bailey went for the 6 pieces of Chicken Gyoza.

My Kimchi was absolutely lovely - we both thought the sauce was flavoursome, perfectly spicy and delicious. I loved chowing down on it with my chopsticks and savouring every bite!

Bailey thought his gyoza were sticky and super tasty and pledged to go and buy a batch from China Town so we can have some in the house very soon!

After our lovely starters we had pretty high expectations but our mains definitely exceeded them! I had ordered the Nabe Tofu and I was intrigued when they brought over a massive table mat for mine saying mine would be pretty hot. When my Nabe arrived I realised that this was because my meal was cooked in a "hot posh dish" which was like a clay pot with a lid which meant the pot and food inside were super dooper hot.

The hot pot was filled with delicious veggies, tender tofu, noodles and an amazing soup/sauce that was just so flavoursome and delicious - when both Bailey and I first tasted it we couldn't help but say "Ohhhhhhhh!" For seven quid it was a massive portion too and we both said we will share one next time we go!

Bailey ordered the Beef Yakisoba which he also really enjoyed as it was full of great quality meat, crunchy veggies and yummy fried noodles in quite an oily, tasty sauce. Really tasty!

We thought our little no-fuss meal out at Kyotoya was a great way to spend our Friday early-evening. The service was great and the owners were really nice. It was also a bargain as starters and mains plus green tea and two Asahi beers only set us back £26 and that's taking into account that I ordered one of the posher mains on the menu. While we were eating, absolutely loads of people came in to pick up their Friday night takeaways so it's obviously a popular choice with people in the area. We will definitely be paying Kyotoya another visit soon!

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